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    Barriers to practice survey

    Are you a midwife who is experiencing obstacles to practice?
    Are you a consumer who is experiencing obstacles to working with the midwife of your choice? 

    If so, please participate in this data collection project by NYSALM's Improving Midwifery Professional Affairs Committee (IMPACT). IMPACT promotes education and awareness of midwifery licensure, education, and scope of practice in New York State. Where possible, IMPACT also seeks to provide advocacy and support for midwives and consumers in resolving barriers to midwifery care.  

    At this point, we are only gathering data.  To notify us of an issue, please send an email to, subject line: IMPACT, and include the following information:

    1. Name 

    2. Name of practice (if applicable)

    3. Best contact information for you

    4. DETAILED description of your problem.

         -What are the names of the administrators/decision-makers/employers involved?

         -If it's an insurance issue, what is the insurance plan name?

         -Do you have any communications in writing?

         -What steps have you taken so far to try to resolve the issue?

         -What type of support do you think would be most helpful at this point?

         -What other organizations (if any) have you notified of this problem?

    Thank you!