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    PHONE: 518-852-7965


    Executive Officers and Regional Representatives to the NYSALM Board of Directors:
      President:Karen Jefferson, (Brooklyn, NY; 2015-2017) 
     Vice President: Susan Rannestad, (Midstate Region: Pine Bush, NY; 2010-2013)

    Treasurer: Carol Bues, (NY, NY; 2015-2017)
     Recording Secretary: K. Michelle Doyle, (Midstate Region: Troy, NY; 2014-2016)
     Former President: Pat Burkhardt, Region: Brooklyn, NY; 2010-2011; 2012-2015)

    Northeast Region Reps:
     Rep: Claudia Gersten, (Queensbury, NY; 2015-2017)

    Alternate: Jennifer Kittell, (2015-2017)

    Hudson Valley Reps:
     Rep: Susanrachel "Birdie" Condon, (Gardiner, NY; 2011-2014, 2015-2017)

     Alternate: Alice Gilgoff, (Hudson Valley Region: Rosendale, NY; 2009-2013; 2015-2017)

    New York City Reps: 

    Rep: Carol Bues, (NY, NY; 2015-2017)

    Rep: Pat Burkhardt (see above)

    Alternate: Lily Dalke, (NYC Region: Brooklyn, NY; 2013-2015)

    Midstate Reps:
     Rep: Kate T. Finn, (Ithaca, NY; 2010-2014) 
     Alternate: Linda Lovig, (Midstate Region: Rochester, NY; 2014-2016) 

    Western Reps: 

    Rep: Sharon Nisengard, (Buffalo, NY; 2015-2017)

     Alternate: Kristi Sabatino

    Long Island Reps:
      Rep: Ann Visser, (Smithtown, NY; 2012-2014; 2015-2017)
     Alternate: Eva Falkner, (Medford, NY; 2013-2015)

    Student Representatives:

     Rep: Rachel Ritter, (SUNY Downstate; 2014-2016)

    Past Board Members

    NYSALM members serving as representatives to other organizations:

    NYSALM Committee Chairs:
    Communications: Nancy Kraus
    Finance: Ann Visser
    IMPACT: Lily Dalke
    Membership: Carol Bues
    Legislative: Pat Burkhardt
    Nominating: Vacant
    Program: Susanrachel Condon

    NYSALM Lobbyist:
    Greenberg Traurig, 54 State St, Albany NY

    Click here for a Map of NYSALM Regions and the number of LMs per region as of 2010.
    More information about joining NYSALM here.